Prospective Students

Our group is actively recruiting self-motivated students. Anyone who wants to learn some backgrounds about our research (no matter you are perspective students or current UCR students) is welcome to take CS214: Parallel Algorithms. Some other courses for you to get relavent trainings include CS141, CS142, CS218 and CS219.

In case you can read Chinese, we also translated some of the course materials and wrote some summary articles that can be found on the column on Zhihu. You are more than welcome to read them, and ask me if you have any questions. You can also access the recruiting post on 1point3acres.

If you are not at UCR and want to join our group as a PhD student:

We do recruit for most of the years. If you want to work with us, send us (Yan and/or Yihan) an email with your resume, and briefly state your interests in our work (i.e., after reading some of our previous papers). In most cases, you will then apply for our PhD program (CS PhD @ UCR). Some instructions and recommendations are given below. We will formally review materials and potentially talk to you after the admission deadline (we do not have the access to your entire application package prior to that date, see more details below).

If you are not at UCR and want to join the master program:

You should directly apply to the CS Master program at UCR. We have an excellent committee reviewing your application.

If you are an undergraduate or master student at UCR and want to work in our group:

First, we enjoy working with you and want to help you succeed in your career. Second, we should also acknowledge that research is challenging and requires certain backgrounds and time commitment.

Hence, if you have taken related courses (141, 142, 214, 218, 219) and done well (e.g., You got A+ and solved many bonus problems we gave you), we’ll be more than happy to talk to you and work on some projects together as a bachelor or master thesis or some research project. If not, you should first take these courses since they provide you the relavent background to our research.

The general suggestions for perspective students in our group can also be found here.